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Nestled behind the cobbled courtyard of Marylebone Parish Church is a very charming little market with the most witty and wonderful name called Cabbages & Frocks, its name is what drew me to the market – ingenious names and slogans do work!  The wonderful thing about meandering around London casually when you really don’t have much to do is the possibility of discovering some of London’s hidden gems. The delight when you accidentally bump into a corner of London you’ve never visited before or stumbling upon a picturesque coffee shop or obscure restaurant, a lesser known museum, park or market. The opportunity to explore some of Londons’ “off the beaten tracks” nooks and crannies means you’re sure to stumble upon a hidden gem and the day I discovered Cabbages & Frocks Market was one such day.

My discovery was quite accidental, but this fantastic accident has driven me to want to spend more time in London just like I used to years ago when I was a young girl and working in London, it’s how I discovered many of the shops I still visit and adore to this day. Walking to Paddington Street from Baker Street a few Saturdays ago on the way to my second discovery of the day, Ohisama Sushi (you can read by clinking on this link) meant stumbling upon Cabbages & Frocks. On that Saturday, it was Dog Day Afternoon, I was really intrigued because there was literally lots and lots of dogs and their owners, so I popped my head in to find out why and that’s how I discovered this fab little market which is located opposite the Conran Shop and behind Marylebone Parish Church. Dog Day Afternoon happens once a year and is a day dedicated to your lovable pooch for dog accessories, treats, grooming and even dog training and a dog competition so it’s quite a special day to attend with your doggie.  I decided to make it my mission to discover more about this market, so I made a special trip a couple of Saturdays ago.

The market is opposite The Conran Shop and steps away from the Orrery Restaurant.

The market is run by Angela, a former designer who was inspired to open it after many happy holidays in glitzy St Tropez with its high-end fashion and glamour. Her passion was to bring back some of that glitz and glamour to London and so Cabbages & Frocks was born out of that dream 12 years ago and it’s still going strong today. Stalls selling affordable vintage gear take precedence, but it isn’t just about fashion, you can find specialist artisan food, jewellery, home accessories and soft furnishings.

If you come nice and early when the market opens, you may be able to grab yourself a real bargain in the form of nearly new designer handbags such as Mulberry, Chanel, YSL and even a pair of Jimmy Choo’s! That’s my kind of market. I had my eye on the Chanel bag, but my pocket said I wasn’t here to buy something so extravagant today although, the price was pleasing. Angela also supports up-and-coming designers such as GabrielaRose who specialises in tailored coats and jackets, jewellery from AnaVerdun, Pip Portley and specialising in semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls, Caroline Bousigue’s unique stall called AtelierChokerbali. Not satisfied with that eclectic mix, Angela also brings over some real bargains direct from Europe’s fashion capital, Paris, Belva Jeane. Another fabulous stall is Dream Art Collection specialising in handmade cashmere scarves, throws and shawls straight from Nepal and Miss Flapper’s weird and wonderful hats, not just for the folickly challenged but to keep everyone’s head nice and warm in winter whilst looking stylish.

Some of the stalls at Cabbages & Frocks.

I was particularly drawn to TeddyMaximus because of the gorgeous leather saddle bags embossed with Teddy Maximus’ dog logo, they’re super cute, sturdy luxury leather bags that are roomy too. Holly thought up the idea for the company after adopting her Dachshund, Teddy.  She specialises in luxury items for your much-loved pet such as dog coats, real leather leads, comfy beds, carriers and all manner of toys as well as her new creation, the gorgeous saddle bags which I absolutely fell in love with especially the crimson red which matched my lipstick completely being very much a black/cream/red kind of girl, it’s something I would really consider buying and the price at £89 isn’t bad either. It comes in various colours including a cute soft baby pink which would be ideal for a teenage girl. Holly is at the the market most Saturdays, she can also be found on line.

Teddy Maximus, luxury goods for your dog and these gorgeous saddle bags, I fell in love with the red one.

Holly’s stunning saddle bags, photo provided by Hollys’ website.

Another stall that caught my eye was Woodturner, specialising in hand turned bowls, platters, tea lights made from green locally sourced timber, they’re stunning pieces in glossy wood, Mr Weston-Lewis makes his creations in the West Country and comes up to the market most Saturdays, he sells to high end shops as well as his stall at Cabbages & Frocks. They are rather expensive but given the amount of time and skill it takes Mr Weston-Lewis to create just one piece, I’d say it’s completely worth it to own something that’s so unique. CardabelleDesign by Kate Guy is a kitchen and home furnishings stall, allow her to add a bit of chic style to your home with her tea towels, aprons, tea cosies, oven mitts, ceramics and tote bags, the full range can be seen on her website, but Kate is at Cabbages & Frocks most Saturdays.

Woodturner, Mr Weston-Lewis’ stunning creations made from timber in the West Country.

As well as fashion and home stalls, the market is home to artisan food, bakes/cakes and chocolates such as cakes from The Tea Cosy and chocolates and truffles from Le Jeune Chocolatiers. There are many other companies who sell from the market that rotate the Saturday’s that they trade so no Saturday is ever the same.  One such business is Calabrian Taste straight from Italy, they specialise in authentic Italian gourmet produce such as Italian cheese, charcuteries, olive oils and tapenades, I’m a sucker for Italian food so I came away with all sorts of delights.

Cabbages & Frocks is without doubt London’s first ever bespoke market which I was so impressed by, thank you Angela for opening the market and brining a little bit of bohemian style to London. I’m so happy that the restaurant I was going to visit that Saturday was closed because it brought me here to the market, it was a very happy accidental discovery, a market that I shall visit again and again. If you are stuck on what to do one Saturday, make your way down to Cabbages&Frocks, 5 minutes from Baker Street tube station, I’m definitely going to be visiting many times in the future.

Cabbages & Frocks

Marylebone Parish Church Grounds

Marylebone High Street


The market is opposite The Conran Shop

020 7794 1636

Open every Saturday from 11-5pm. This post reflects my own opinions and views, photo’s are all my own unless stipulated.







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