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I was a bit stuck on what to call this post because I’m certainly not a fashion or beauty blogger by any stretch of the imagination but like any other girl, I like to dress well, and I do love nice clothes and beauty especially on Christmas Day so I figured the title did as it said on the tin. I don’t claim to know all the latest fashion and I am not really interested in trends preferring to stick to timeless classics which I can wear again and again. For me, there is no better time than Christmas to buy something very special for the big day whether it’s a dress or a chic jumper that I can pair with a skirt, black trousers or dark jeans, it’s very much dependent on my mood. Needing to lose a bit of weight, I’m not very confident about being in dresses right now but that’s all going to change in the New Year…. she says with great will! Of course, with all that gorgeous festive food, we’ll all be wanting to hit the gym in the New Year won’t we, the secret is to stick to it.

But I don’t want to bore you or myself with miserable January weightloss plans and gyms, I’m very excited to show you a very special parcel that I received last week from the White Company.  I adore The White Company and all their products whether it’s their interiors or clothes, it’s a luxury brand that I have loved for years and years and lets face it, who doesn’t want a home decked in the cool greys, whites and creams of the White Company.

The box has arrived!! so excited to open it!

So I was pretty good, I didn’t order too much stuff this year as I had already bought some tea light holders before.

In my box this year, I have a beautiful gem sweater that I’ll be wearing on Christmas Day which I’ll be teaming with black jeans and boots, the classic and heavenly scented Winter candle that just screams Christmas with all its spicy aromas plus a new one this year called Fir Tree, also, a beautiful pearl photo frame which I’ll be giving as a Christmas present.  Alongside, I have some make-up favourites which are of course red, it can only be red for Christmas.  The Fir Tree candle is just gorgeous, it’s like walking through a Scandinavian and Finnish forest whilst choosing your Christmas tree.  I don’t know how the WhiteCompany capture that very special essence, but they do it so well, I’ve already lit it and it smells divine.

In my make-up, I have Dior, you’ll know from my summer beauty edit post here that Dior are one of my favourite make-up brands. This range is their iconic 999 red which this year comes in an ingenious lip stain called RougeDiorLiquid which comes in matte, satin or metal, for me it must be matte, and this thin liquid is a matte lover’s dream, just how I like it. It has huge staying power; the shade also comes in their Rouge Couture Dior lipsticks which I use on a more daily basis however the liquid matte is stunning and, so I am preferring to use this luxurious product when I go out. I was very lucky to purchase one item from Dior’s limited edition PreciousRocks Christmas 2017 range, special editions get snapped up so quickly, a lesson I learnt all too painfully well this year missing out on their new Diorific Khol lipstick in Grenat but managed to secure the Diorific Vernis nail polish instead. It’s a stunning jewel like vibrant deep red which I will be wearing on Christmas day and will really compliment Dior’s signature classic bright, matte 999 red lips.

Dior Precious Rocks – Christmas 2017 limited edition nail polish.

That’s how matte I like my lips and Rouge Dior Liquid in 999 gives this dramatic effect.

I also bought one of my make-up staples by queen of brushes and contouring, Trish McEvoy, it’s called Instant Eye Lift and it’s a kind of primer and highlighter in one. It comes in one shade and is a very clever tool to have in your make-up collection, it’s an absolute necessity to brighten and open up the eye area and reduce dark circles.

My jumper is just gorgeous, I’m so pleased with it! It’s a pure wool soft grey jumper with a crew neckline dotted with the prettiest dainty clusters of sparkly gems just perfect for Christmas Day and the lovely thing is, you really don’t need to wear any other jewellery on your neck. I’m going to team this with either black pumps or boots and black jeans.

I’m going to wear my gorgeous delicate Tiffany bracelets which can be worn together, or I may just wear the big chunky Tiffany bracelet instead. Don’t you just love the pretty duck egg blue, it’s so synonymous with the Tiffany brand, who’s going to be getting a Tiffany box this Christmas? Isn’t it every girls dream? So that’s my Christmas Day look, I think it’s very Parisian and that’s just fine with me.  I like my fashion to be understated, classic and timeless just like my adored French capital, what will you be wearing on Christmas Day?

Beautiful Tiffany silver jewellery compliments my look perfectly, it’s understated and classic, just perfect.

Parisian glamour, so classic and chic and this photo epitomises that iconic Parisian look….I imagine myself to be walking the streets of Paris dressed like this. I definitely have the tulle ballet skirt, I hunted it down for ages eventually finding a really cute one from Needle&Thread. This look is everything I love about Parisian effortless dressing, only Parisian women can pull this off as if without trying, if I can bottle just an ounce of this glamour, I’d be very happy indeed.

All that remains for me to say is Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to you all, I have had the best 6 months of my life since launching my blog and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings, thank you for being on that journey with me, enjoy the festivities.

Love Helen


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