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CUTCakes & Tea 45 Park Lane

I’ve been wanting to try CUTCakes & Tea ever since it launched last summer.

This ingenious Afternoon Tea is served at the ultra-cool and trendy hotel 45 Park Lane situated as the name suggests on one of London’s most notable streets, Park Lane.  Part of the Dorchester Group of hotels which includes Park Lane stalwart The Dorchester itself as well as Parisian gems, The Plaza Athénée (think Carrie Bradshaw of SATC) and Le Meurice.CUTCakes and Tea 45 Park LaneCUTCakes & Tea 45 Park Lane

45 Park Lane is very much a more contemporary hotel in comparison to its sister, The Dorchester. It has an art deco feel about it and a very modern vibe. Part of the hotels’ appeal is the art that’s displayed in the hotel showcasing contemporary British artists. Why not come and view the art in the hotel at your leisure while enjoying a drink or two at the stylish Bar 45. CUT is 45 Park Lane’s dining area, a glamorous room with a golden hue, sparkling light installations and more of that contemporary art adorning the walls.

CUTCakes & Tea 45 Park Lane

CUT is described as a modern American steak restaurant with an inventive menu created by notable chef Wolfgang Puck. The American theme continues with the innovative CUTcakes & Tea Afternoon Tea inspired by good old American classics and not a sandwich in sight, I was really looking forward to getting stuck in.

CUTCakes & Tea 45 Park Lane

To begin with, I was presented with a chilled glass of champagne in one the most elegant champagne flutes I’d ever seen. A glass of champagne was included in my Afternoon Tea, a limited offer running with I was visited by not one but three lovely waiters who explained the thinking behind CUTCakes & Tea and a detailed explanation about the delicious savouries and sweets to come.

CUTCakes & Tea 45 Park Lane

With not a stand in sight firmly steering away from tradition, the savouries arrived, five bite sized morsels of good old American classics.

The “Guest Dog” ~ a Golden Corndog with Southern BBQ Sauce ~ Wagyu Beef Slider, Shallot Marmalade & Cheddar ~ Fried Chicken & Buttermilk Bisquets, Coleslaw & Jalapeño Aioli ~ Tuna Tartare Sandwich with Avocado & Ginger ~ Crab Cake, Basil Aioli & Tomato Relish.

CUTCakes & Tea 45 Park Lane

CUTCakes & Tea 45 Park Lane

The Corndog was delicious, a mini hot dog buried in a crispy golden maize coating served on a stick. All I could think was that my daughter, a lover of all things American would approve especially as hotdog is her favourite snack. In line with the menu, next up was the Wagyu Beef Slider, so cute it was literally gone in a mouthful, it was served rare with a sweet shallot marmalade and cheddar. The Fried Chicken & Buttermilk Bisquets with coleslaw and Jalapeño Aioli was another stunning bite.

 CUTCakes & Tea 45 Park Lane

Buttermilk fried chicken so typically American, it’s one my favourite take-away’s, the bisquet was very similar to a crumbly scone, I completely devoured it. The unusual Tuna Tartare “Sandwich” served with avocado and ginger was next followed by Crab Cake with Basil Aioli & Tomato Relish. I loved both, I’m a huge fan of crab, the addition of the basil Aioli brought the crab to life and the tuna tartare sandwiched between two delicate bruschetta toasts with micro herbs was sublime.  I was sad to see the lot gone, I was completely blown away by the savoury course and wished I was offered more but I would not have been able to finish the sweet course and scones. 

I chose English Breakfast tea, but I was disappointed not to have been offered more tea however, I know the waiters would have been very accommodating if I had asked. I was contemplating a second glass of champagne, but I reined it in, I was being very good for once! My taste buds were zinging after the delicious savouries, could the sweet course match the sensational savouries?

Inspired by his childhood, chef David McIntyre has created some showstopping American desserts.

Banoffee Milkshake ~ Scones with Clotted Cream, Strawberry Preserve ~ Peanut Butter Pie ~ Crème Brûlée Doughnut ~ Red Velvet Cupcake ~ Graham Cracker S’more ~ Pink Lemonade Cake Pop.

CUTCakes & Tea 45 Park Lane

Though scones are not traditionally American they are nonetheless quintessentially British and part of every Afternoon Tea. Presented with only one scone in a cute basket, it took me by complete by surprise, it was the softest, fluffiest scone with a perfect golden shine served with indulgent clotted cream and jam. If I’m honest, it was best scone I’d ever eaten even surpassing the ones served at the famous Ritz Hotel Afternoon Tea and Savoy Hotel.

CUTCakes & Tea 45 Park Lane

CUTCakes & Tea 45 Park Lane

The sweet course was equally visually stunning and delicious.

CUTCakes & Tea 45 Park Lane

The milkshake was creamy and sweet with caramel and fragrant with banana topped with cream.

The Peanut Butter Pie was my favourite by far, so traditionally American, peanut butter & jelly of course, it was encased in crispy pastry. The doughnut was light as a feather and the Pink Lemonade Cake Pops were exciting and fun, the perfect party treat, they’re still pretty big news over here.  So quintessentially American are the the final two sweets, the Red Velvet Cupcake and the Graham Cracker S’more.  If you’re not familiar with S’more’s, they’re toasted marshmallows smothered in chocolate sauce, this was sandwiched between another American classic, Graham Crackers and last but not least, the Red Velvet Cupcake. A flavour combination that I find irrestible, the bright red chocolate sponge topped with cream cheese frosting was light and just the perfect size.

CUTCakes & Tea 45 Park Lane

Red Velvet Cupcake & Crème Brûlée Doughnut.

CUTCakes & Tea 45 Park LaneCUTCakes & Tea 45 Park Lane

Every single morsel was utterly divine, in fact, I could quite easily eat double portions of the savoury course. I was completely blown away by this creative American inspired Afternoon Tea but then I’m not surprised, one of the best Afternoon Tea’s I’ve had was just across the road at the Dorchester, they don’t call this DC Moments for nothing and CUTCakes&Tea was the perfect DC Moment. I can’t wait to come again with my daughter because I know she’ll fall in love with this experience as much as I did.

My Afternoon Tea was booked via the website and was priced at £55 including a glass of champagne, offer available until 30th April 2019. Normal price booked via hotel £68 per person including champagne.

CUT at 45 Park Lane
45 Park Lane

45 ParkLane Hotel

0207 493 4554


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