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Elizabeth Arden is a brand I grew up with and I’m positive everyone knows and loves their iconic Eight Hour Cream. It’s become quite a cult product consistently winning awards so it’s a brand that’s just as popular now as it ever was.

When I was hitting my teens and becoming very aware of how I looked, I suddenly became very interested in the many make up and skincare brands that were out there. I was inquisitive and curious fascinated by the glitzy packaging and very much influenced by the glamorous models of the time advertising all sorts of delicious lotions and potions. Elizabeth Arden is a beauty brand that really stood out for me, perhaps it was their striking signature red logo but more importantly, it was affordable. Obviously, I had to scrimp and save for my luxury products, I was on a really low apprentice salary at the time (partly why I changed careers) but that’s a story for another day. Very much a popular and iconic brand of skincare, perfume and makeup in 1970’s and 80’s, it’s a brand I now revisit dipping in and out whenever I fancy a change or need a particular product of theirs that I rely on such as the 8 Hour Cream or City Smart. This was really the case last summer when I was going on my big summer holiday because I also really like Elizabeth Arden’s sun care products. Although the range is quite limited now, I do remember there being a wider range of sun products a few years ago, I stocked up on what I needed, the 8 Hour Sun Defence Cream for the face and the 8 Hour Cream Targeted Sun stick.  I also bought the Ceramide capsules because they were just so convenient to use when going away.

Having nearly run out of my Guerlain products, I decided to have my once-a-year break from my regular skincare. I really do believe it does the skin and the hair good to break away every now and again from your regular products to stop the skin/hair getting to familiar to a product. Do you feel the same or is it just me and my quirky ways? With that in mind, a few weeks ago, I did a big order of products from Elizabeth Arden on-line; to be perfectly honest, I really much prefer doing my skincare shopping in the major department stores in London. I find it exhilarating, beauty shopping gives me the biggest buzz of all however being a bit short on time and coupled with the bonus of Elizabeth Arden’s 20% off on-line promotion, it was a no brainer.

Some of my favourite Elizabeth Arden products is naturally, the Eight Hour Cream but also the Ceramide range in particular the serum capsules, the Prevage City Smart SPF 50 and their sun protectant cream. Did you know that Eight Hour Cream expanded the range to include the All Over Miracle Oil, Eight Hour Lip Protectant SPF 15 which comes in natural and four shades and their 8 Hour Miracle Hydrating Mist which was a life saver on holiday. The Miracle Oil can be used on skin and hair. There’s also a great new product in the range which I’ll tell you more about later. So, here’s a list of my favourite Elizabeth Arden products.

Prevage City Smart SPF 50

I don’t think many of us realise that even if there is no sun, the skin can still get damaged. Harmful rays even penetrate clouds so just walking about your daily life on your lunch break for example is exposing your skin to these rays. Sun is the biggest cause of wrinkles plus the environment whether its pollution, fumes and other damaging smoke.  Since I found this out a few years ago, I’ve been religiously applying a universal facial block every day. With the exception if I am home and know I won’t really be going out. I apply this in a thin layer over my serum and cream. I usually wait 5 minutes before I apply my make-up. The brand I usually use is Crème de la Mer The SPF 50UV Protecting Fluid but remember what I said about skin getting too used to a product. This is how I discovered the Prevage City Smart, it’s super light and doesn’t leave a horrid white film on the skin which daily SPF’s of the past used to.  City Smart is anti-pollution, full of antioxidants an and contains a unique DNA enzyme complex. This product retails at £55 and Crème de la Mer is £85. City Smart looks like it has a slight tint to it, but it disappears on application and is completely colourless. I’m linking all the products in this post as we go along.

Elizabeth Arden Citysmart

Photo Credit Elizabeth Arden

Elizaebeth Arden Citysmart factor 5-

Eight Hour Cream

How could I not talk about this miracle product which really is a superhero in skincare. I first discovered it in 2010 when I was looking for a good all-round multifunctional product that would also suit my children’s delicate skin for a winter holiday.  We would be going to a place that had up to minus 40-degree bitter icy temperatures, we were heading to Finnish Lapland. This product was great, yes, it’s a little bit greasy but just a tiny bit goes a long way. I applied it as a barrier on their skin and lips, we all had to wear balaclavas as well as hats to protect us from the severe weather, so this was applied to the exposed areas. Eight Hour Cream can be used as a healing agent for dry skin like eczema, dry skin on heels, elbows and knees, as a balm for cuticles and nails. It works really well for sunburn and other burns and as I cook a lot, I usually suffer oven burns; I apply 8 Hour Cream straight away to prevent the burn doing lasting damage, it has so many uses and benefits. Is it any wonder it’s such a cult product? 8 Hour Cream retails at £28.

Elizabeth Arden Hour Cream

Photo Credit Elizabeth Arden

I also really like the 8 Hour Lip Protectant which retails at £20 and comes in 4 sheer shades, Blush, Berry, Honey and Plum as well as nude; 8 Hour Lip Protectant comes with me everywhere, I adore its moisturising benefits and subtle colours. I have a habit of licking my lips which makes them really dry so a good balm is essential, if I was stranded on a dessert island, this product would be the one thing I would have to take with me. I find the tinted balms so useful because if I’m wearing lipstick and it gets a bit dry, a lick of this perks up my lips and my colour.

Elizabeth Arden Lip Protectant

Photo Credit Elizabeth Arden

I took the 8 Hour Miracle Hydrating Mist on holiday, it was great to refresh parched sun weary skin, a burst of freshness when travelling. Pop it in your handbag when you feel you need a spritz to refresh especially if you’re on a hot stuffy tube or bus. Because it’s a hydrating spray, it doesn’t dry the skin. It also makes a great makeup setting spray or use it just before applying your moisturiser to help it sink in, Hydrating Mist costs £21.

Elizabeth Arden hydrating mist

Photo Credit – Elizabeth Arden

I bought the 8 Hour All-Over Miracle Oil last year after my holiday when my skin was feeling dry and the tan was fading. I mainly used it after having a shower on damp skin and sometimes just a little bit on my curly hair which can get a bit frizzy. I suffer dry skin so this oil was really good after a bath or shower as an alternative to body cream, but it also gives a lovely gleam to the arms and legs which would show off a gorgeous tan. 8 Hour Miracle Oil retails at £29.

Elizabeth Arden Miracle oil

Photo Credit – Elizabeth Arden

Great 8 Daily Defence Moisturiser

Here it is, their new product which I’ve recently started using, it literally launched a few weeks ago. Great 8 Daily Defence Moisturiser is an 8-in-1 product with 8 benefits. Essentially, it’s a moisturiser but has an SPF 35 so is similar to the City Smart protecting the skin from pollutants; its deeply hydrating and controls oil and minimises pores, it brightens so leaves a gorgeous luminous glow, it also protects against infrared and blue light, the only product I know currently on the market that that does this.  Elizabeth Arden explains what Blue Light is:

“You may not know it, but blue light is all around us. Also known as High Energy Visible rays (HEV), recent scientific studies suggest that blue light may contribute to premature photo-aging. But no need to worry, Great 8™ is formulated to protect against the effects of blue light! P.S. Did you know blue light penetrates the skin even more deeply than UVA/UVB rays?”

Super Smart

SuperStart Skin Booster & Great 8 Daily Defence.

Elizabeth Arden Great 8

It’s a fabulous all-round moisturiser with so many benefits all rolled into one and although the product’s formulation is quite light, it’s super hydrating even for my really dry skin. I already know it’s going to be a staple in my skin care regime. Great 8 costs £36.


Elizabeth Arden SuperStart Skin Renewal Booster is a new product to be used under serum and moisturiser to boost the skin’s natural defences and enhance the results of your skincare products. Super Start is designed to restore the healthy look of the surface layer of the skin helping it to repair and renew. Its gel-like formulation is light and meant to be used before your serum, a mistake that I made using it after my moisturiser until I read the instructions properly!!It retails at £45.

Super Start serum

Photo Credit – Elizabeth Arden

Advance Ceramide Face Capsules – Daily Youth Restoring Serum

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide

I used these capsules religiously last year on holiday. What I love most about this product is that the serum comes in a tiny capsule which has a measured amount of serum which you apply and then throw the capsule away. It’s convenient and handy because you can’t ever use too much and there’s no leakage like there sometimes is with serum in conventional bottles. It’s silky soft but not at all greasy and  so luxurious to use. It’s a triple strength serum which boosts the production of collagen and enhances the skins barrier repair function as well as infuse the skin with vitamins to repair the skin and slow the signs of aging to deliver a youthful appearance. Elizabeth Arden launched the Retinol Ceramide Capsules Line Erasing Night Serum (£42 for 30) recently which I’ve yet to use. It claims to be 76% more potent than unencapsulated retinol, it’s a new targeted treatment to diminish lines and wrinkles while improving the texture and tone of the skin. Again, coming in a capsule form, it preserves the potency of the product and comes in just the right amount, this one is definitely on my list of new products to buy. Advance Ceramide Capsules start at £39 for 30.

The Moisturisers

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide moisturisers

Last summer I used the Visible Difference moisturisers, but I didn’t find them rich enough for my dry dehydrated skin. People are shocked when I say my skin is dry because once I have moisturiser or make up on, you can’t really tell.  However, without cream, my skin feels tight and parched, I therefore need a heavier creamier moisturiser and the Visible Difference was just not rich enough for me.  This time round, I have bought the Ceramide Lift & Firm day and night cream, the day cream has a factor 35.  It’s rich and intensely moisturising and perfect for my skin. These creams complement the Ceramide Capsule serum and delivers enough hydration to last throughout the day and leaves my skin soft and dewy.

 Ceramide moisturisers

The night cream is perfect, its benefits are to tighten and lift the skin for a “restructured appearance” well I don’t know about that, I feel I need a face-lift to lift my skin, but it definitely feels and looks better. Talking about face-lifts, has anyone considered this invasive treatment? I often have but right now, I’d be too scared to go under the knife however, I am definitely open to other less invasive treatments – but not Botox, I want to be able to smile thank you ?. I would really like to invest in an expensive cream one day just to see if they’re worth the hype; Elizabeth Arden’s luxury range is Prevage. Retailing from about £96 for the eye serum, the products go up to £300 with the basic moisturiser costing around £120 and there’s even a Neck & Décolleté repair cream, £86. There’s an interesting home peeling four-week treatment called Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment which retails at £180, would love to try this one, the Prevage range is actually vast. Ceramide have a new oil based cleanser, Ceramide Replenishing Cleansing Oil which dissolves make-up including mascara getting rid of impurities to deliver silky soft clean skin suitable for all skin types. It goes on as an oil but as soon as you add some water, it turns milky and doesn’t leave any oily residue, it’s one of the most effective cleansers I’ve used.

Ceramide cleansing oi

Elizabeth Arden Sun care

I had to include Elizabeth Arden Sun care, as I’ve already mentioned, the range is now very limited, I am sure there was a wider range of sun products before but maybe I’m wrong. I wrote a post all about my favourite holiday products last summer, you can tell by that post that I’m a real beauty junkie. I use a variety of products from many different companies including Biotherm (quite difficult to get hold of so I now wait until I go to Paris to purchase) plus I love Lancaster, Nuxe, Hawaiian Tropic. and the super gorgeous and luxurious Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess. From Elizabeth Arden, I always take the 8 Hour Cream Sun Defence for Face Factor 50 (£26) and 8 Hour Cream Targeted Sun Defence Stick Factor 50 (£15).  Both products protect my face from the damaging UVA/UVB rays that cause sunburn, skin cell damage and premature aging. I use the stick as a top up and for sensitive areas like the ears, nose and lips especially if I am out and about walking around.

Sun cream

Photo Credit – Elizabeth Arden

sun cream

Photo Credit – Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden isn’t just about skincare; they do good quality make up and fresh summer scents which are perfect to use on holiday. I hope that you’ll want to try some of these products for yourself which can be purchased on-line or in almost every department store or larger branches of Boots.

I bought all my products from Elizabeth Arden on-line, register on their website to receive a 15% new visitor discount.
I was not sponsored or under any obligation to write this post, all opinions are my own and all photo’s are my own unless otherwise stated.

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