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Facade of the Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain

The hotel Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain is a luxury 5* hotel influenced by the rich history and literary culture of its surroundings. Belonging to a group of hotels owned by the Chevalier family, they have three other establishments in Paris, notably their gorgeous flagship, Pavillon de la Reine which I’ve been very lucky to stay in twice.

The four Parisian hotels are classified as boutique hotels, super chic, elegant and oh so romantic. Having stayed in two out of the four hotels so far, I was excited to see how the Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain differs or not to the Pavillon de la Reine and the Hotel du Petit Moulin, both situated in the Marais. The other hotel in the group is the Pavillon des Lettres in the golden triangle in the 8th arrondissement.

I was keen to visit a new neighbourhood in Paris having studied the Marias over the last three years. Having said that, the Marais is still a neighbourhood I have lots more to learn from. However, it was time to say another hello to the literary side of Paris, the Left Bank, in particular, the Saint-Germain and Latin Quarters which have always been favourites of mine and I was excited to be back to discover more.

Cafe de Flore Paris

Café de Flore on the Boulevard Saint-Germain-des-Prés

First Impressions

Hotel Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain Paris

The first thing that stands out about the Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain is its location. It’s only minutes from the main hub of the left bank, the Boulevard Saint-Germain-des-Prés made famous by its two iconic café’s frequented by the literary world gone by, the Café de Flore and Les Deux Magots. There’s an unmistakable similarity to the Pavillon de la Reine but on a smaller scale. It’s got the same cosy and intimate vibe, the understated luxurious feel and the warm welcome that greets you the moment you arrive.

The Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain is a newly acquired hotel by the Chevalier Group and has been beautifully updated over a period of three years revealing a fresh contemporary look with a sympathetic nod to its historic past. The hotel is a fusion of three elegant 17th century buildings blending seamlessly together. A harmonious blend 0f old and new with a stunning navy-blue façade, ivy filled planters, Parisian lanterns and the restaurant Les Parisiens which occupies the corner of Rue du Pré-aux-Clercs and Rue de l’Université.

Les Parisiens restaurant, hotel Pavillon Faubourg Saint Germain

Designer Didier Benderli has sprinkled his unique style and flair throughout creating a timeless aesthetic. Vibrant bold colours adorn the bar while the detailed mosaic floor has an air of Ancient Greek in contrast to the gleaming oak herringbone parquet flooring which works beautifully with the restaurant’s retro feel.

Further on from reception lies an oasis of calm – A fresh breezy space creating a feel of a Parisian Garden with lacquered green walls, exotic mini palm trees, it’s an area flooded with natural light thanks to its expansive vaulted glass ceiling.

A lobby/seating area of the Faubourg Saint-GermainGlass ceiling of garden loungeA lobby/seating area of the Faubourg Saint-GermainThe property has played host to many incredible guests over the years including literary greats like T.S. Eliot, a resident in 1910 while Irish novelist James Joyce finished his novel Ulysses while staying here. The hotel embodies its literary past throughout but what of the present?

The Hotel Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain

The hotel entrance has a courtyard feel to it as you enter through imposing dark navy framed floor to ceiling glass doors, beneath you, the slate tiles are typical of a Parisian cobblestone alley.

Entrance to the hotel Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germian

This stunning entrance is flanked by two large plants adding to the garden-like feel while above, the dramatic honey coloured onyx globe light completes the hotel’s urban stylish entrance-come-lobby.

I love the fusion of black and cream, it’s such a classic blend of colours and screams Parisian chic and style in every way; think Chanel – black pola dots on cream but enough of my fashion likes! At the Faubourg, it makes an appearance not just  in the hotel’s boujee rooms, it makes a dramatic statement in the lobby where black meets cream in the gorgeous silky cream full length curtains adding a touch of understated glamour to the lobby area.

Lobby Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain

The library features an impressive collection of classic French literature and newspapers, it’s both cosy and peaceful….a little snug in the hotel to enjoy a morning coffee or read.

hotel library, reading snug Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain library

There are familiar touches of the Pavillon de la Reine dotted throughout the hotel from the similar literature and the same cosy vibes. Little nooks lead on to other parts of the hotel just like at the Reine while the vibrancy of the hotel is a reminder of Chevaliers’ smaller hotel, Le Petit Moulin.

James Joyce bar Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain

Leading on from the library is the James Joyce Bar which is named in homage to the author who was a life-long guest. The bar is super stylish and intimate. It doesn’t skrimp on its vast range of spirits for those up-to-the-minute cocktails and pre-dinner drinks prepared by the in-house mixologist.

James Joyce BarJames Joyce Bar Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain

Burnished gold accents work in harmony with the bright blues and salmon pinks of the plush velvet sofas and modern armchairs. The glossy wood panelling is enhanced by a striking Chinoiserie wall installation giving off oriental vibes while the warm ambient lighting is the finishing touch to this romantic space.

Wall installation bar Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain

Sadly, for me, I didn’t get to enjoy a cocktail here but it’s surely all the more reason to return to the Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain.

The bar leads to Restaurant Les Parisiens, the name is taken from James Joyce’s book “Dubliners”, another homage to the author who lived at the hotel. Described as a neo-brasserie, it offers a modern twist on classic French bistronomy in keeping with the cooking philosophy of acclaimed Lyonnais Chef Thibault Sombardier and Executive Chef Matthieu Pirola. Les Parisiens was closed while I was staying at the hotel, opening Tuesday to Friday. Breakfast is served here every morning, additionally, breakfast can be taken in the comfort of your gorgeous room.

Les Parisiens Restaurant Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain

Les Parisiens has an art-deco feel to it which can sometimes feel over done albeit lazy but its so tastefully done here at the Faubourg. Sleek sexy lines and curves, edges of copper gold and rich dark wood is tantalising. The alabaster and pink velvet booths are so current, their details representing shells of seafood in my opinion while the dark quartzite tables, patterned cream and black carpet and mosaic floor are the perfect addition to this sleek dining area.

The Rooms

The deluxe room at the Pavillon Faubourg Saint Germain

Deluxe Room

The 47 rooms and suites reflect the hotels sophisticated style with the same vintage touches including the modern zen-like feel to the bathrooms.  The bright and airy decor flows and melds, where contemporary meets classic. No two rooms are alike, although some are quite traditional – think lavendar fields and country cottages in Provence, others are light and modern with subtle hues and rich wood panelling. The boldness of the sombre black is softened by the warmth of the gold in some of the accessories while the odd splash of vivid colour ensures these rooms are equally warm and inviting. With stunning views over the Parisian rooftops, the rooms at the Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain are full of  that irresistible Parisian atmosphere and charm and the same unmistakable touches you see in the rest of the hotel.

office desk

Spa des Prés

The spa, pool Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain

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What better way to unwind after a tiring day exploring Paris than to kick your shoes off and spend a few hours at the hotel’s luxury spa. The Spa des Prés and wellness area is a holistic space offering relaxing and revitalising treatments using Codage skincare tailor-made to your specific needs. You could opt for a therapeutic deep tissue body massage treatment to revive your weary limbs as I did during my stay. This particular massage is aptly called The Shopping Break Treatment and uses elements of foot reflexology to eliminate fatigue, it was the perfect treatment for my weary feet.

The spa has a fully equipped gymnasium, a fitness room with meditation and yoga facilities plus a hammam and a deep pool with jacuzzi water jets. The Spa des Prés is open 7:30am to 9:00pm and is the perfect place to restore the equilibrium and energise the mind, body, and soul.

My Stay at the Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain

I arrived at the hotel around 11:00am and greeted with the warmest Parisian welcome. To my surprise, my room was ready and with my luggage already making its way up to the room, I was excited to see lots more of the hotel. I had one of the contemporary deluxe rooms which was full of Parisian charm, larger than I expected at 27 m². My perfect Parisian rooftop view made for some wonderful photos peeking through sumptuous cream-coloured curtains softly draping the traditional large windows; all of a sudden, I was in my own Parisian heaven.

window with curtains of the deluxe room

What I aso loved was the concealed bathroom which was hiding behind sliding oak doors.

bathroom Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain

A stunning mix of wood furniture and marble, the sensual curve making an appearance again as it does throughout the hotel. Double white marble sinks and black fittings, that classic colour combo again, was the perfect yin to the shower’s yang; black and white, don’t they say opposites attract? I chose the same colour combination in my new bathroom so it’s a resounding yes from me!

Double sink unit in bathroom

I was in love with the huge squircle mirror, not square, not round, just beautiful curves dazzling with the addition of  sophisticated Nordic style light bars. The shower reminded me of the Hotel du Petit Moulin with the black tiles accessorised with traditional shower fittings also in matt black. The super powerful shower had a vibrant but therapeutic flow of water. Codage care products, magnifying mirror and fluffy bathrobes and towels completed this luxurious bathroom.

bathroom Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain shower bathrobes and towels of bathroom Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain

My room was simply breath-taking! It was filled with beautiful soft colours. Subtle blue Tiffany-esque duck egg hues on the fabric walls with a slightly lighter tone in the expansive headboard belonging to the simple yet elegantly dressed bed.

bed in the deluxe room of the Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain bed Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain

It was punctuated by an eye-popping bright coral in the velvet armchair, office chair and also in the piping of the light turquoise end-of-bed bench. The bed was pure white filled with soft as clouds white pillows coupled with two eye-catching black and cream monochrome cushions which I want for myself. Isn’t black and cream a chic and stylish colour combination? I secretly wished I could take those cushions home with me.

bed Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain bed and armchair at Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain

The final addition was the deliciously soft cashmere and wool ivory throw; it’s these little touches that elevate a room from ordinary to exquisite. I loved the black and burnished gold accessories to the office and the stunning white earthen stone bedside table lamps. These colours, fabrics, textures and upholstery work together in harmony creating a room which is aesthetically pleasing, serene and elegant, in a word; perfection.

corner of the bed Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain office desk Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain

Tv unit furniture Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain tv unit furniture Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain

There’s a definite 1970’s feel to the furniture housing the mini-bar, Nespresso coffee machine and TV. All the required mod cons are available such as integrated USB ports and a state-of-the-art LCD TV which was playing the most romantic smooth jazz when I arrived. A safe, slippers, hairdryer and iron are also provided.  I couldn’t have wished for a better start to my stay, only thing missing was my husband to enjoy this beautiful space with. Nevertheless, I was very happy and grateful to be here at this super lux hotel even if I was on my own.

Nespresso coffee machine Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain bed deluxe room Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain bed delux room Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain

The rest of my day was spent meandering around the Left Bank, lunch at Café de Flore, a visit to Église Saint-Sulpice and Place de Furstenberg where Musée Delacroix is located, definitely worth a visit to this small beautifully curated museum.  I stopped for decadent hot chocolate at Les Deux Magots which is my guilty pleasure, all these things are a must when you visit this corner of Paris. Mindful of the time as I had a 5:30pm treatment at the spa, I made my way back to the hotel.

Cafe de Flore omelette lunch

hot chocolate at Les Deux Magots

Hot Chocolate at Les Deux Magots

Place de Furstenburg

Place de Furstenberg



The hotel had very kindly gifted me with a perfectly chilled half bottle of pink champagne which is my favourite tipple. Creamy, zesty, frivolous bubbles are an absolute joy, it was a wonderful and generous surprise.  I only had a small glass as I got ready for my treatment at Spa des Prés promising myself, another, full glass after dinner.

I’d booked the Shopping Break leg massage which was incredible.  The treatment included a brief but relaxing upper body/shoulder massage, the whole experience was calming and energising at the same time.  It’s just what my feet needed however I was disappointed that I didn’t have time to use the jacuzzi pool, have I mentioned reasons to return to the Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain? After dinner at the famous Brasserie Lipp, I retreated back to the sanctuary of my room.


Breakfast at the Pavillon de la Reine is an absolute treat. I always look forward to hotel breakfasts and I usually try a little bit of everything.  My favourite is Tartine which is a popular breakfast in France, a croissant, butter, baguette, juice and coffee. If you read my posts, you’ll know how much I love this simple traditional French breakfast especially croissants and in France, you’re in croissant heaven every breakfast time.

Huge displays of everything you can imagine made an appearance including those crispy French pastries, arguably the best including French cheese, also the best in my estimation. Yoghurt, cereal, fruit, preserves and fresh juices including tiny take-away bottles of juice shots; I’ve never seen these in a hotel before but they’re a brilliant, mini bursts of energy. If you crave a hot breakfast, sausages, bacon and scrambled eggs should satisfy that need which made an appearance on my plate too.

breakfast of pastries, eggs and bacon

Final Thoughts

I had the perfect, dreamy Parisian escape at The Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain; I wish I had longer to spend at the hotel to sample more of its magic. Cocktails at the bar and dinner at Les Parisiens would have been perfect.  It’s a stunning hotel in its own right, it doesn’t cling on to the coat tails of its larger counterpart, The Pavillon de la Reine, it stands proudly within the Chevalier Group of hotels, its newest addition. It’s a timeless hotel full of class and charm. Ultimately, it’s the people that make a hotel stand out and everyone at the Faubourg is hospitable, gracious and friendly. They are the feature of this dream destination in the Saint-Germain neighbourhood. I couldn’t have been made to feel more welcome, everyone made sure my stay was as comfortable and as memorable as possible and I felt thoroughly spoilt.

Did I mention reasons to come back to the Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain? it’s a super stylish hotel in the heart of Paris’ historic Saint-Germain and a place you’ll want to return to time and time again. I can’t wait to bring my husband here to enjoy this delightful and magical hotel.

My thanks to Foxx Communications and the Hotel Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain. My visit was part a media stay. As always, photos and opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.

Rooms start at 400 Euros per night depending on time of travel and size/type of room. Click here for more information on the hotel.
Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain
5, rue du Pré-aux-Clercs
75007 Paris
Tél : +33 1 42 61 01 51 –
Metro station: Saint-Germain-des-Prés (line 4) or Rue du Bac (line 12)

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