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When I created my blog, I wasn’t sure if I was going to have a Lifestyle section. It can mean so many things but I think it encompasses everything about LIFE, what we love, what we buy, our hobbies, fashion, beauty, our home, baking, books – in effect, everything that makes our day extra special, what makes us happy.  I am a real beauty junkie! Even as a young girl, I remember saving my pocket money and going to my local chemist to purchase my holiday toiletries, it was like entering an Aladdin’s cave . I was fascinated by all the products, it gave me a real buzz and it’s continued to this day.

So I’m really excited about sharing with you today some of my recent beauty purchases by one of my favourite companies’ Dior. Dior is one of the powerhouses in fashion, perfumery and beauty. I’m always in Dior at Selfridges, they know me by first name now! I can always be found in there sampling the latest skincare, lipstick or nail polish. As a VIP customer, I get all sorts of wonderful gifts throughout the year so I eagerly anticipate my birthday in September to see what I’ll get!

Some of my latest gifts are this beautiful soap in the fragrance of Dior’s iconic Miss Dior, as you can see, it takes on the shape of the Miss Dior bottle with the cute little bow attached to the cap of the perfume, I have not used it yet preferring to wait until I go away but my bedroom permeates the gorgeous Miss Dior scent which  launched in 2005. Not to be confused with the iconic Miss Dior perfume which first launched in 1947 and is now called Miss Dior Originale, it’s a very grown up classic woody scent – a timeless expression of signature Dior style. In contrast, the modern Miss Dior was originally called Miss Dior Cherie so as not to confuse the customer. It’s current and bold, a vibrant Chypre scent which develops into a sophisticated warm cloud of deliciousness, this has become a classic in it’s own right and I adore it, so here it is, the beautiful glorious soap I can’t wait to use.

My other gift is a real delight! A box of really useful products in miniature sizes, great for taking with you on a weekend trip away. Dior call it “Backstage Pros” and they really are. A miniature of their iconic Diorshow Mascara, Mascara Maximiser which conditions lashes and prepares them for mascara ensuring mascara goes on nicely, we don’t like spider lashes so this is a must! A nice plumping Lip Maximiser, you’ll not get a “trout pout” but nicely conditioned full lips and gives a pleasant zingy feel when applied, it’s great for preparing lips for lipstick and finally a must in every girls bag to liven up dull nail polish, a gel topcoat.

My other recent purchases and new in the Dior range is their Hydra Life range of skincare so we have Hydra Life Moisturiser called “sorbet crème” it’s a gorgeous blue light hydrating crème perfect for summer but in all honesty as much as I love it, I have very dry skin and need something richer. Extra Plum Balm Mask which truly is beautiful to use and gives a gorgeous glow especially useful before a night out. There’s also an eye crème and serum in the range.

I’m a sucker for lipsticks and nail polish, I know I have far too many but how do you resist the sleek packaging and vibrant colours!! They all call my name and being brunette, my go to’s are always bright reds and deep plumy tones especially for Autumn and Winter but Dior are so clever making summer versions of these staple colours.

Here we have Dior’s latest creation in lip colour, Lip Tattoo, it’s so clever, it stains the lips so even when the gloss dissipates, you’re left with a lovely tint which can be activated by a slick of lip balm. Tom Ford are another of my favourite brands, I love that he rarely discontinues a range or colours choosing instead to add to the range. I love this Patent Finish Lip Colour in a deep cherry tone.

Dior have created eye colours called Dior Show Colour and Contour, it’s basically a pencil so you have one end which is an eyeliner and the other a complimentary cream eye shadow in a similar colour to be used together or alone. I love the electric blue and bronze called Sea-Bay and Shell-Bronze. Also, a brilliant new mascara called Pump n Volume.

I don’t often buy Palette’s of eye colour as they last so long and I usually only wear a full eye make-up when I go out in the evening but I couldn’t resist this palette called Focus 557. It’s a combo of 4 colours and the 5th in the middle as you can see is yellow! It’s a bit whacky, not at all what I would normally wear however when I had a make-up tutorial recently at Dior, they used this range of colours and the yellow was used in the inner corners of my eye, it was stunning, it wasn’t at all garish like I feared but blended so nicely with the browns, it brought out the green in my hazel eyes so I of course had to have it!

Also new to the Tom Ford range are cute little lip balms with colour, they’re wonderful for adding just enough colour and much needed moisturisation and a hint of gloss, I have a couple of colours, Fathom and Pure Shores, just perfect to use on holiday.


Also in my new collection are a range of nail polishes from Dior, a basic beige because we all need to have a go to light colour, it’s understated and chic. Also, out of Dior’s latest spring/summer collection is my favourite Turn Me Dior nail polish which I also have in their Dior Addict lip colour. My newest love in make-up brands is Dolce and Gabbana which you can only get in Harrods, I don’t often go to Knightsbridge for shopping so knowing I have to go to Harrods to purchase Dolce and Gabbana means it’s an excuse for me to visit this incredible department store. Their lip and nail colours are amazing this season, I hardly ever use lilac/violet as a nail colour but these two are so beautiful complimenting my skin colour and the coral is just stunning if you have a tan.

So these are my recent purchases, it’s still summer so pay a visit Dior  Tom Ford and Dolce & Gabbana at Selfridges or Harrods or whichever is your favourite store and stock up!

I visited Dior and TomFord at Selfridges London and DolceandGabbana at Harrods.

Selfridges & Co
400 Oxford Street
0800 123 400

87-135 Brompton Road











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  • Reply Angie Silver (@SilverSpoonLDN) 08/08/2017 at 2:35 pm

    I love Dior products!

    • Reply Helen 08/08/2017 at 2:52 pm

      They’re gorgeous aren’t they, they’ve always got something lovely to tempt me 🙂

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