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Estee Lauder skincare has long been a favourite of mine. It’s the first luxury skincare brand I graduated to when I had a steady income, it gave me a sense of womanhood, that I was “grown-up” and therefore qualified to be able to purchase more expensive skincare products. I’ve always had really good skin, never suffered a spot in my teens and really only ever had a breakout once in a blue moon, once a year! I’m incredibly lucky, I’ve always credited the family genes as my mum has beautiful skin and at the age of 77, hardly a wrinkle in sight and she doesn’t even use any products much to my dismay. I remember when I got my first job shampooing hair in my local salon, all the ladies used to envy my skin and ask what I did, as if there is a magical potion or miracle.  I would always say, it’s my mum and her beautiful skin and it runs in my family. I’m really blessed and hope my daughter inherits the family genes.

However that said, I can’t stress enough the importance of a good spf whether it’s in the form of a day cream or a specialist spf liquid that you apply after your day cream. The sun is the one environmental factor in skin damage and aging so ever since I heard that first hand from my beautytherapist in Kensington, I always apply an spf liquid. Currently I’m using Crème de la Mers The spf 50 uv Protecting Fluid and now that’s running out, I have bought Elizabeth Arden’s Prevage City Smart Hydrating Shield spf 50 simply because I got a good deal on the purchase. I will put links up at the end of this post. Elizabeth Arden retails at around £50 and Crème de la Mer at £75. I’ll post on Crème de la Mer another time, it’s my ultimate in luxury beauty products, they’re just gorgeous on every level and also another indulgent range I love is Sisley.


Coming back to Estee Lauder, I use the phrase “go to” because they are just that, my go to skincare company whenever I am having a particularly bad month and I am low on funds! Don’t we all especially us girls! We always find something to spend our money on and while I have a family, I am generally low on funds most of the time as a lot of my money goes on food to feed forever hungry and greedy teens. Estee Lauder being very reasonably priced is a  brand I always go back to for products if I want good affordable skincare, in fact, they’re very good for all skincare requirements whether it’s young skin, dry, sensitive, mature and their summer body range is fabulous, I always purchase their BronzeGoddess range for my summer holiday, it has the most gorgeous intense scent that just evokes summer beaches and sun lotion, I can feel myself drifting off as I am writing this post and fast forwarding to next August when I’ll be in Cyprus, my parents’ birthplace, so many memories of happy holidays growing up and something fab to look forward to summer 2018.

Anyway, as far as my recent purchases go and with my Paris trip looming (watch this space for future Paris posts) I needed to be careful on what I spent on skincare so last Sunday, I took a trip to my favourite store, Selfridges, to stock up and I bought their relatively new range called Global Anti Aging which I’ve had before.  In that range, I went for the Revitalising + Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Crème which is a rich crème for day and night so no need to swap creams which was brilliant as I needed to watch the pennies, it’s just perfect for my dry skin, silky soft and rich, it has a really lovely scent, not too overpowering.

With serum and eye crème running low, I decided to go for their iconic Advanced Night Repair which despite the name, can be used during the day too. In this range I chose the basic Night Repair for the eyes, the Synchronized Complex II, there is another eye crème in the same range which is a serum and comes with a dropper application so probably much easier to use. There’s also a new eye creme in this range called Concentrate Matrix Synchronized Recovery, it renews, fortifies and hydrates which sounds perfect so I was rather annoyed I wasn’t recommended this. In any case, it’s a beautifully smooth eye cream applied with a small applicator, it ensures just enough goes on. It perfectly hydrates and calms the dryness around my eyes, it’s a soft of gel cream texture which feels really light which is very important as the skin around the eye area is so delicate.

Serum is a must in every skincare regime whatever your budget as it prepares the skin for cream and it penetrates below the skins’ surface, I’m no skincare expert and don’t really know the science behind it but it’s good enough for me. The serum is called Advanced Night Repair Serum Synchronized Recovery Complex II and again as with the rest of range, it is formulated for day use too. I’ve been using this serum on and off for years, it glides on and is absorbed beautifully, it doesn’t leave any greasy residue and it’s not an iconic serum for nothing, it has won numerous awards too, take my word for it, try it and see for yourself.

So these are my Estee Lauder go to’s, I always lean on Ms Lauder to provide me with good quality affordable skincare, not limited to the range that I bought, there is so much more variety and you’ll find something to suit your own needs, before I go, can I also recommend this range, NutritiousVitality8, it uses pomegranate’s which are fantastic for the skin so I recommend juicing them too, beauty from within is all the rage at the moment and I am a firm believer that what you put into your body reflects what’s on the outside whether that’s skin or weight but that’s a story for another day. This ranges’ main benefit is to provide radiance.  I’ve used some of the range in samples and they were a pleasure to use, also something else in their skincare range which is new is a cleansing trio called NutritiousMicro-Algae purifying cleansers, soaps, cleansing water and toner. I’ve definitely got those on my list of things to buy, hope you enjoyed my recommendations, happy shopping!!!



All views and recommendations are my own.



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