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Freddies flowers

“Flowers direct from the grower delivered straight to your door for just £24” Freddie’s Flowers are a fantastic new business delivering the freshest flowers to you whenever you like. How did I come to know of this fantastic “florist” well it started a little like this……

As I walked through South Molton Street last week, I was approached by a handsome man, it’s not often this happens. He asked whether I’d like a flower to take home with me, I was perplexed, he invited me in to his shop and it all made sense. Freddie’s Flowers, a new concept of regular flower delivering was cropping up everywhere in the form of temporary pop-ups. Today South Molton Street, tomorrow, who knows but the idea is to get their name and product out there and I for one couldn’t be more pleased.

Freddie's Flowers, Freddy with his prized flowers

Image by Flower Beauty Wallpaper.

A bit like the fruit and veg home delivery company Abel & Co, Freddie’s Flowers will deliver super fresh flowers straight from the grower to you. How was this idea born? Well Freddie worked for Abel & Co and dreamt of one day delivering fresh flowers in much the same way. He says, “he saw the joy that people got from receiving their fresh organic fruit and veg and thought imagine if this was flowers?” the rest is history. A bit like Dragon’s Den, Freddie secured funding from his previous employers to progress the business further.

Freddie was born into a family of florists. His parents owned a flower shop in Pimlico London. Thanks to their help, he bought a milk float, some cardboard boxes, a tent and lots of flowers…..Freddie’s humble beginnings is the stuff of dreams. But Freddie had a vision only natural-born entrepreneurs have and that was to expand the business, someday even becoming the “Abel & Co” of flowers and that’s just what Freddie’s Flowers have become.

Freddie's Flowers

My Maggie May bouquet.

Freddie's Flowers

The basic idea is so easy, you subscribe through their website  and set up your on-line account. You choose by ticking by the relevant dates what weeks you’d like flowers delivered to you whether that’s weekly, fortnightly or monthly or even just 2-3 times a year, you can even send flowers to other people as a gift. You have total control over your account, that’s the beauty of using Freddie’s Flowers. Through the website, you can access all sorts of information about flowers, how to arrange and look after your flowers, the type of vase to use and there are even on-line tutorials for novices like me. Key facts:

  • Flowers are picked straight from the growers for you
  • They come in a meter long box unarranged for you to be creative with
  • The box is full of fun tips & two sachets of flower food
  • New flower theme every month
  • Brighten up your home
  • You’re not tied in, flexible, you choose when and how often you want a delivery

Every month there is a new theme, for May, the bouquet is called “Maggie May”, a stunning combination of delicate Waxflowers, a mini-like rose called Lisianthus, the majestic Avalanche Rose and super vibrant purple and yellow Iris’.

Freddie's Flowers bouquet my flowers arranged in vaseFreddie's Flowers Maggie May bouquet

Freddie's Flowers Avalanche rose

Freddie's Flowers, Avalanche Rose, waxflower, Iris, Lisianthus

I was excited to open my box when it arrived on Wednesday. A long box secured with string from the outside of the box through to the inside to secure your delicate flowers, I was impressed by that little but important touch.

Freddie's Flowers string attached through box to hold flowers together

The box is embossed with lots of useful information and tips about the flowers and how to arrange them. You also get two sachets of flower food, a leaflet with in-depth information about the bouquet of the month, its name and each individual flower plus instructions on which vase is most suitable and how to arrange your bouquet.

Freddie's Flowers comes with descriptive box

Have you ever seen a flower delivery box like this before?

Freddie's Flowers instruction leaflet

Comes with fun tips and instructions.

Freddie's Flowers Maggie May bouquet

May’s bouquet is the Maggie May.

Flower guideflower guide

I’ve never learnt so much about flowers in such a short space of time. In all honesty, I’ve not had much love for them previously which is quite shocking because flowers are beautiful. I think it’s because whenever I’ve had a bouquet of flowers delivered whether it was from a florist or supermarket like John Lewis or Marks & Spencer’s, as beautiful as they were, they do not even come close to the quality of the flowers from Freddie.

Freddie's Flowers instructions

I now know what it is to see and feel quality flowers. They are far more superior to anything I’ve ever seen before and I am in awe of them. As I excitedly arranged them in my vase, it won’t surprise you to know I only have one, I was beaming with a smile as broad as a Cheshire cat. In fact, my vase as tall as it is, needed to be a touch taller and not as wide. I just felt my flowers needed to be more “together” so a new vase is on my shopping list. But they looked resplendent standing tall and proud in my White Company glass vase.  I knew there and then that I wanted to do a post about Freddie’s Flowers, that’s how passionately I feel about them.

I couldn’t wait to show my husband who as impressed as he was, thought it was a bit extravagant to have monthly flowers delivered, seriously did I hear him right? Well I just put it down to “it’s a man thing” and ignored him. If you read my posts, you’ll know in January I did a post all about “How to Make 2019 Brighter”. It was about not putting pressure on yourself with silly unachievable resolutions, instead just do little things to make your day a little happier and brighter and buying cut flowers was one of the top 20 things to do. As I was putting my arrangement together, I thought about my post and how these beautiful flowers did just that, made my day brighter.

Freddie's Flowers

I look at them every day with pride and happiness. Today, three days after they were delivered, I changed the water and added the second sachet of flower food. They’re slowly opening, beautiful and in full bloom, they’re like my babies, I love looking at them and seeing them change daily. I believe they will last at least two weeks.

Freddie says, “Flowers are good for the soul” and I couldn’t agree more.

This is not a sponsored post, I feel so passionately about the company simply because of the fantastic concept of having flowers delivered straight to your door and I want to share this with you all.

You don’t have to be in, the box is left in a safe place.

You’re not tied in; you can unsubscribe whenever you want.

Delivery is flexible.


020 8396 6696

Register here


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